Sunday, August 05, 2007

Katzenjammer Night out!

Katzenjammer assemble. Thursday night everyone (except Mike 'o so nasty' Nassar) got together for some good ol' fashioned fun. Our inhibitions were low but our spirits stayed strong... so we whipped out this group sketch on my cintiq. It rocked and was one of the highlights of my whole life. Thanks everyone for coming down to visit us Burbank Boyz.


ryan said...

that horse ass & the guy with the red hair is hilarious! i also like the scared dude in the upper left hand corner. hahaha & i just noticed the squinter at top right. this is a funny collage of drawings

Aaron Paetz said...

Horse ass- By Ryan Kramer
Red hair guy (me)- By Chris Allison
Scared Dude - Chris Allison

Everything else... By Chris Allison and Chris Allison. All credit goes to Chris Allison.

Aaron Paetz said...

Chris Allison.

Daniel Aguilar said...

Chale man your draws are great. I wish some tips check my blog.