Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Meet Programmer Steve

Steve does NOT buy Iphones and give into proprietary software hype. You'll see Steve piping BASH scripts in his favorite flavor of Linux and chatting it up with all the ladies in IRC chat! (lookin' in your direction Emma Watson of the famous Harry Potter series. *WINK)

Hey... If you look like this guy, you may have mad PHP and actionscript 3.0 skills!!!

and if you do, we may need your help/free advice on our new cartoon website launch coming up soon. Shout out! Drop us a line if you are generous with your time and fit the profile. Thanks in advance.

Chris Allison drew this great character with nice funny shapes in the design. So I decided I had to ink it as practice. Lemme know what you all think of how I hacked up Chris' drawing.


Although I'm starting to see some cool potential with making flash cartoons and games using Adobe Illustrator...I still hate Illustrator and pass gas in its general direction.

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boob said...

I LOATHE illustrator though I know some people can do fantastic work with it. Flash has always been more intuitive for me even for static cartoon art as opposed to aniamtion.