Thursday, December 21, 2006


Here at Katzenjammer Studios, we're always harping on each other. Not because we are mean guys, nor is it because we have a gradeschool crush on each other (well, I can't speak for Sean). The real reason is because we are seriously committed to improving, and we're also committed to recognizing that things never really get "finished"... it's just that deadlines hit. Something can always be made better.

Here is a recent comic. Mike and John were telling me that it wasn't as clear as it could be. Often times I test run my comics by people who know nothing about art (I call them "critics") to see if anything falters. This time I didn't, and I think the results showed:

They told me to push the season change more to show the passing of time. I thought I'd add a little stuble to the hooligan too, just to push that passage of time and hopefully make it more clear.

What do you guys think? Better?

I think it's so important to have a group of people that you're constantly putting yourself in front of for critique. It keeps you on the edge of your toes, and a new set of eyes looking at your work gives a refreshing perspective to some problems you might be having but are unable to recognize. I've seen this at work countless times at my college, and with professionals.

I hope our blogger can be a community like that too. Suggestions on how to improve our artwork are ALWAYS welcome, and greatly appreciated. So please, when visitting our blog, don't be afraid to be critical!


boob said...

Yep - the new snow covered version is better. However, I kinda feel like I'd like to see a drawing of an hour glass or a clock inbetween panels 2 and 3. Maybe squeeze in an extra skinny panel.

I guess my thinking is that the reader will see the panel, figure time has passed, then get hit with the joke. Sorta like an "anticipation" to the joke.

Maybe you're trying to keep it a 3 panel comic though. And maybe I'm overthinking :)

Nice stuff!

PEPE said...

the second one is better!! hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah somehow even with snow n scruff the passage of time isn't exactly clear. i think it has to do with the pacing of the panels. I'm thinking like one more panel in the middle would help. or maybe the fact that i'm analyzing this is making it hard to feel the joke out. on the other hand, in the old studio system of animated shorts they'd spend weeks tweaking all the gags. maybe they just had a large pool of secretaries to test it on.

Anonymous said...


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About Health Blog said...

Here is a recent comic. Mike and John were telling me that it wasn't as clear as it could be.