Wednesday, July 21, 2010

James Brown Rabbit

Listening to a lot of the hardest working man in show business yesterday night.

rabbit singing something along the lines of "tryyyyyyyyy mee, trryyyyy meeeeeeeeee.  Come and tell meeeee, I neeeeeuuudddd yoouuuuhhh." whilst I was drawin


ThomasHjorthaab said...

Man I love your finished animation drawings, what program do you use if you don't mind me asking... It looks so authentic, just like a real cel!

Mike Nassar said...

Hey Thomas, thanks dude.

This is a mixed blend of stuff that emulates a animation pipeline.

for a final animation, I'd use flash, and export straight into After effects and ad a fast blur or gaussian blur to a duplicated character layer. and drop the opacity heavily. as well as some other things, color overlays/graients, noise and grain.

but for this image, I kinda 'Tricked' that.
I did sketches in flash, then inked it in illustrator with a custom brush (one with thick and thins that was made) then I popped it back into flash to color the final linework, and converted the final character to a movie clip symbol, and added the blur technique to it in the properties panel, and dropped the opacity on it (just as if I were to do it in after effects).

sometimes, I do the 'trick' and color in photoshop (same principle), if I wanna spend more time on color or get crazier with textures and layer effects.

thanks for stopping by dude. come by again.

ThomasHjorthaab said...

Hey man, thanks a lot for that detailed explanation, I will try it for sure:)

Me and a friend are working on a project where I think your style is perfect, maybe we could figure out something... I'll ask my friend first, but speaking for myself, you could be very delicate for the project:)