Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Compositing Magic.

Trick #231231312:

When you got a close-up, if you gaussian blur your BG, it mimics a wide angle lens and gives you more depth! It's less about mimicing live action, and more about giving the audience a clear place to focus. It doesn't feel right to stare at the out of focus BG details, so it draws your audience eyes right where you want them to look: at your crappy animation.

oh i guess here's the before picture to compare.

Okay back to work.


ThomasHjorthaab said...

looks great mayn... It looks very authentic when even the animation is a bit blurry, looks like a cel:)

laudbobner said...

Thanks for the comments, I have been doing well, To be honest I haven't put much time in animation lately, I have been getting by on sketching and freelance illustration work. I have been focused on raising a child (because they tell me that what you have to do when you have one). Anyways, I am always looking for more collaborative projects if you are in need of someone to help out, give me a shout. Now Tell me, how you are doing?