Monday, December 14, 2009

Dis gon' be good!

The new year I mean. Why, you ask? Because I can't tell you yet. I'm just being stupid. But seriously how anxious are you to see some real stuff from the Toon Holers!!??
on a side note...

Princess and the frog was fucking hilarious. Mike fell asleep during the whole Mama Odi sequence and when he first saw her at the end of the film all he could say was, " Who the hells this bitch?" The story was weeeeyurd and the colors wernt all that cool, what a weak new orleans they gave us, a holes, o well :) Just go to watch the f'n hot pink princess squeeze her boobs in 2222222-DDDDDDDD, that seemed memorable for some reason.


Mike Nassar said...

even though I slept through the climax of the film (it was a long week and I was tired), it was still a good movie well worth seeing.

who's down for cool animation!

chrisallison said...

HAHAHAHAHA nice nassar drawing!