Thursday, November 12, 2009

Old men and funny creatures

took an afternoon break to sketch during a long day.
sketched the old man from this much better painting (twilight zone comic from golden key):

the creatures are loosely based on creatures that I created/killed from the hours of playing the game SPORE. but were just fun organic shapes I drew.



mikeroush said...

nice drawings!

Toon Spaz said...

ha sick sketches man! no offense but one of those creatures reminds me of jar-jar. ugh i suddenly feel so dirty for saying that. love the animated shorts on this blog.keep it up!!!!

Mike Nassar said...

ehehe, thanks guys.
mike, thanks dude, coming from a champion as yourself it means a lot. Toonspaz, no offense taken. I had the same thought as I was finishing the sketch.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome drawings, Mike!

Mike Nassar said...

dude, thanks man!
thanks for visiting our blog dude. Keep tuned in man, I'll have some more rediculous creature sketches from last week at work, and we'll have some comic samples posted as well.

remember, Jan. 1! TOONHOLE.COM for our full on comics that chris, ryan, aaron, john, hayden, sean and myself have been working super hard on for the last year.

but yeah, much appreciated, keep coming by.