Tuesday, November 11, 2008

(V.O) "Hey mack, stiggem up!"

[Ext. Midnight. Stockbroker Milton McBailout walks home in the dark.]
"Okay, just lower the gun pal."

"Listen man, the economy's sucking wind. I don't got much but whatever I have you can take."

"I've got a wife! I've got a kid! I've got unpaid Blockbuster bills."

"You can have everything I got! I'll leave you everything we've saved for the future, our sterling republic, and the American legacy! Just give me one mor-"



Happy Tuesday, Suckers!

Sleep Deprived Chris


rob lovelett said...

Hi Chris. I really like all your work and it's astounding how much progress you've made over these years.

chrisallison said...

Hey Rob! What are you up to?! Do you ever still use AIM? I'd love to see what you're up to.

Aaron Paetz said...

this is pretty rad

Alexandre G. Marcati said...

This is pure gold!