Monday, August 18, 2008


My good pal and talented co-worker Chris Martin shared his eye dart theory today. I'm always giddy when I learn little animation secrets like this. Would anybody be interested in lessons on stuff like this? Maybe I'll type some up and illustrate them.

Click to view.

Oh yeah, also I guess this is teaser art for another film that's a-brewin'


Looney Moon Cartoons said...

Cool trick.
It could be a very useful subtlety in character animation. Research has shown that people's eyes different ways when a person uses different parts of their brain. For example one direction for recalling auditory information, another direction for making up a story. Organizations like the CIA use this to tell if someone is lying.

Blogelow said...

why sure. type up some notes. it'll be sweet to know how much you really know.

Brett W. Thompson said...

I love that drawing!!

The eye movement is interesting- any notes on animation technique are welcome!!! :)