Monday, April 07, 2008

Lou the Frog Comic.

I'm doing a take on the Frog Princess with my character Lou the Frog (before Disney can release theirs and sue me for all that I have... 23 dollars and 34 cents). I'm gonna start posting my process up here, so check back once in a while you sinners.

After I got my concept down, I start by thumbnailing my idea out on post it notes (smaller the better). These are those 1.5x"2" ones. My good pal Eric Bryan handed this idea down to me. The advantages to using small post-its are:
1) the smaller the more focused on the BROADER composition you'll be, rather than details
2) you won't be attached to your drawings which makes editting and redrawing easier
3) you can easily arrange and rearrange them on your page as you edit your story

Here's a sample:

Notice all that I really care about at this stage is clarity in composition and staging. Making the drawings funny will come later. So after I've got my basics down and I know where I'm going, I start doing character sketches. I haven't gotten too far with this, but here's a shot at the princess.

I'll post progress as it comes. Cheers.

- Chris

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Looney Moon Cartoons said...

Can't wait to see that dirty bastard Lou in action! He will contrast great with a wholesome kiddy fairytale.