Monday, March 03, 2008


Unicorn, the great majestic beast.

sketchin unicorns with me brush pen.



Looney Moon Cartoons said...

they are so beautiful!

adam said...

Hi, with Timmy's Christmas, is there a difference between using 24 frames a second, and 25 frames a second? As I thought 25 frames a second was digital, and 24 was for actual film.Does an extra 1/25th of a second matter?

Mike Nassar said...

Looney: hahahaha. thanks. aren't they.

I don't know much about this subject, you're gonna have to do some of your own research to get into detail.
In summary: work at 24fps then convert at the end of your project to the platform of your choosing (TV, ipod, whatever).

read ahead for more:
I'm not familiar with working at 25 fps (frames per second).

there is no hard standard that says you have to work at any specific timing.
mostly it's technological restraints or requirements of a platform (TV, big screen, your ipod, the interweb) that dictates.

Animation as traditionally been animated and shot at 24 FPS, so a lot of people are accustomed to working within that timeframe and many timing practices and principles are sorta built upon that timing scheme. Also regarding the 24 or 25 comment, 24 is easily divisible and makes for timing cycles in animation easier.

HOWEVER, after you're done with animation the footage is generally converted after the fact for how it'll be broadcast. In the case of american NTSC standard TVs, it'll get converted from 24fps to 29.97fps and require some crazy 3-2 pulldown business which i don't understand and causes some semi-transparent frames that look ugly as sin.

SO, there are a lot of video standards for various reasons and formats.
30 fps is common for film, but that is variable, 24p is becoming more commonly used in digital video.
the old NTSC standard format for TVs is near 30 at 29.97 fps, but HDtvs are different and can handle 24p or some trash.
stuff can be one format but have to be converted for another.

work how you want. 24fps is common practice for animation, but feel free to open up flash (or whatever) and animate at 30 fps if you prefer that sensibility in the work.

after your toon is finished be aware that you may have to convert footage multiple times to fit your platform (either TV, ipod restrictions, or the unrestricted interweb).

you could need your stuff for NTSC standard TVs one day, then some BETA tape for a film festival, then maybe PAL standard TV format for some other TV work.

Just work on making your stuff look good. conversion to standards should be worked out after the fact.

The most common for animation is
working at 24fps, then converting to NTSC 29.97 fps

anyone else have advice on this?

laudbobner said...

gotta love the brush pen, I just picked one up. right on right on funken Unicorns, what have they done for me? the difference between 24 and 25 is one.

Adam said...

Yeh screw it, 24 is the way to go.Thanks Mike :)

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