Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Anybody? Guesses?

Nonphotoblue sketch of subject inked with crow quill.

Working in watercolor washes.

Some last finishing touches with pencil.

- Chris


Tal Moscovici said...

You know, that water looks more murky than "muddy". But as far as that guy, I have no clue to his identity 'cause I only listen to the music of my own sense of satisfaction!

Hey I talked to this grape vine the other day and it said nothing... and then I talked to these people standing around it and they stated that you got an internship at Nick? You're not selling out on us, are you?

By the way, Timmy's Christmas brought a smile to my face and, uhhh, a smile to my crotch for some reason (just something about kids and robots, together at last).

chrisallison said...

Selling out? No way man, I'm just in it for the money. Just cuz I scored an internship doesn't mean I'm gonna get a job. My strategy is to just look so comfortable that people in payroll will think I work there and give me checks every week.

Anonymous said...

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Brandon Warren said...

Very impressive chris, I really enjoy the fading and the lack of detail in the background contrasted with the subtle details of the light casted onto his face through the water. Looks awesome. Appreciate the step by step post so i can figure out how you did it