Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday Night Blues

"well i got no food
cuz i got no money
my clothes are old
and smell all funny
take care of both
get me some edible undies"

I've got lots of animation going on right now. You kind folks probably won't see the likes of it for a while, because my semester's gotta end before I can start cleaning up and compositing it. But expect at least 6 films or so to be debuted whenever we figure our website stuff out. Check back for previews!

Chris "The Fish" Allison


Vincent Waller said...

I love the close up of the guy in the bow-tie,

benj said...

nice stuff...
That blues man (w the guitar) is so cool and funny!

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

Are you gonna set your animations to blues? I could see that really work for your style.

Todd Harris said...

great post, really like the style.

chrisallison said...

Vincent: Thanks! It's a great compliment when somebody you really respect digs your stuff.

Benj: Yeah, I can't wait to make some blues cartoons!

Looney: Haha, yup! I haven't seen any blues cartoons, only uppedy jazz stuff. I'm a huge blues enthusiast and I'd love to bring that into the cartoon world.

Todd: Whoa, thanks! I wish I had half as much style as you!

Side Burns said...

Yes! There WILL be more animation. For every animated film you don't make, 1 year will be taken off your life...