Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gumphry Boards

Gumphry, the worlds most unfortunate looser, starring in his newest cartoon!




Looney Moon Cartoons said...

How many projects are you guys working on at once? and how come I never see any final products?

katzenjammer studios said...

There are 7 of us independently working on our own stuff, but generally there are only 2-4 projects going on at the same time within our group. Sometimes we hop on each others projects as traded labor to help pump out these toons.
we have like 6-8 final toons in the can. But we aren't going to show them until we launch our cartoon website. Once we launch, we'll be showing off all our toons the second we finish em'.
We're currently building the website. Keep your eyes peeled though. We may have plans to release 1 film as a precursor to our main website.


ryan said...

cool i like his stimpy nose, it looks good on that head shape

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