Monday, August 20, 2007


Lots of stuff going on. Between a haircut, my first gig, going back to school, and being a scumbag in general, I've managed to fit some time in on my film. I'm compositing the character into the BG's right now, then I plan on animating the effects to make it look purdy.

So that's what's crappening. Who wants to see some traditional cartoons again?!

Oh, also, I'd like to plug animator David Gemmil's new toon. You can check it out HERE! I really like David's style and he's doing cartoons on his own. Props, David!


Looney Moon Cartoons said...

Sounds like you got a lot of stuff going on. I'm glad you can still find the time to be a scumbag. Congrats on the gig. The composites look good.

ryan said...

DUDE, these screenshots look fucking GREAT. VERY funny poses & expressions.. i can totally tell what he's feeling & what is going on simply by looking at the stills. the body language is hilarious i love the hunched over stressfully contemplating what to do pose (the blowing air out the mouth is great!!). & the one with him pulling the lever is equally awesome how his fist is dramatically over his forehead. this screams of personality i'm excited to see the final cartoon.