Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Idiot Gator Struggles in Illustrator

Here's a drawin' of Idiot! The brilliant scientist gator of Guadalajara.
I've been teaching myself illustrator...and with a touch of help from Ryan Kramer.
Here's a little sketch I fooled around with...and didn't get caught!

the program is a real bitch. can't wrap my mind around some of its work flow and tools. AND gradients....don't get me started on gradients!
I hear CS3 is pretty nice overall though. but discussing the beauty and functionality of the CS3 suite is for another day.
Well, enjoy this idiot and have a great one.

with love,


Ryan Kramer said...

nice man! yea, gradients in illustrator are a bitch and a half...but after u make a nice one, its smart to save it so u can build a nice custom library.

Ryan G. said...

Hey katz.. Illustrator will be your friend soon.. its great for outlines. CS3 is great btw.. better for coloring though.

katzenjammer studios said...

kramer: thanks for the tip buddy. i'll do anything to make stuff easier in the future.

ryan g: yeah. I've seen some really nice stuff done with Illustrator. I just have to take the time to better understand it. It's not as intuitive as other work flows, but then again most things are unintuitive at first.

Dr. Health said...

I've been teaching myself illustrator and with a touch of help from Ryan Kramer.