Saturday, May 05, 2007

Manpunzel Comic

Here are some roughs of my upcoming comic, Manpunzel. It's about a weary princess bored of emasculated guys and is on the search for a real man. There is a twist ending too!
Below are some character sketches, as well as most of my rough pages; 1-2 pages is missing. I'm trying to figure out the composition of the panels and the characters and am MOSTLY satisfied, although I'm reworking some parts.

I'm working on the pencils today, and should be inking by tomorrow morning.
I'll post some of those and the inked and colored character sheets real soon! so stick around.
Lemme know what you all think. THANKS!


1 comment:

Sheldon said...

Nassar, your characters are looking really funny. Looking forward to seeing this Manpunzel comic. Nice work on the ass clench.