Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Carlo Vinci studies

Over at John K's blog in todays post you can check out a link to this awesome video full of lil' nuggets of animation gold. So great infact that they inspired me to bust out some studies. Feel free to throw in your 2 cents Thanks and enjoy. -Sean


dany boom said...

i dont see much to complain about and i dont really fell like knocking you ...

however, you know that pose with fred hitting barney with teh golf club ? well, for sure it would be funnier if barneys legs splayed out in two directions, making him like an upsidedown y ... use some foreshortening ... and why not tilt the line of action a little ?

but your drawings have a lot of life and motion ! and thanks for visiting me on my blog and leaving a comment !

i DO work fast. i like quick sketches best, because i lack skill or patience to do studied work ... maybe im lazy ... but i love to " get into a groove " and become a drawing machine.

i illustrated a book recently in a few sessions - please visit my blog again for order info ! maybe itll inspire you. im sure you and me both could do fancy stuff if we wanted to but like pete rock said "if it aint rough it aint right !"


mikecarloooyeah said...

I really like the looser drawings, the crazy eyeball Fred witht he top hat, and the bowling and twinkle toe ones are really dope.

david gemmill said...

these are good. no doubt. i like the top hat freds a lot.

Health Blog said...

So great infact that they inspired me to bust out some studies.

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dinzdale said...

New to the blog. Are these your drawings in Carlo Vinci style ? I feel they are spot on! I'm a huge fan of Carlo Vinci. Nice work!

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